I've started adding Forums

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I've started adding Forums

Post by Matt Purtell » Fri Sep 29, 2017 5:11 pm

I'll be playing around with the scheme of the site rather than adding content that may be of interest.

It is difficult to think how to lay the site out. On the one hand, I want to add as much information in chronological order as I can but I don't want to overload any one forum.

I'm thinking of doing sub-forums like, for instance,

Coleman as a forum category.

Sub forum #1 - Company History: Company history will be text only with hyper-links to newspaper articles, advertisements, paperwork, photos etc. It will outline when the company began, name changes, when branches were added etc, etc. Chronologically very important.

Sub Forum #2 - General History: This will be where newspaper articles, advertisements, photos, etc, and some written text pertaining to company history will be catalogued and linked to. Chronologically very important.

Sub Forum #3 - W C Coleman: This will be filled with all things related to W C Coleman. From his life as Coleman company owner to his family life outside of company business. Chronologically not so important but I will endevour to be as chronological as I can.

Sub Forum #4 - Snippets: I have gathered many, many articles in relation to Coleman, other companies too, that, while in relation to Coleman may not necessarily be of importance from a history perspective. However, these snippets often paint a picture of what it was like to work for Coleman. A snippet might be as simple as a Coleman's rep car being stolen to one of the workers passing away.

I still need to think whether I need to create a second company category that lists model No's etc. Members may wish to upload photos of their lamps or discuss a particular Model No. By having a sub-forum for each Model No, it will be a lot easier for those seeking information on a particular Model No rather than needing to search the site globally looking for answers.

I will be separating Hollow Wire and Gravity Lamps from the mainstream pressure lamps / GPA's forums and giving them their own forum category and sub-forums.

If the above doesn't sound like a lot of work, it is. So, please be patient, things will progress. As always, I'm willing to add a company if it isn't already listed and load information pertaining to that company if requested. All anyone needs to do is private message or email me.

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